Fortnite: Battle Royale Leak Reveals Upcoming High Damage Weapon

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"There is some concern that by circumventing Google Play, Epic may potentially make it more challenging for users to install "Fortnite" on devices running older Android versions, where side loading of apps isn't as straightforward as in more recent releases", he said. The beta version is only open to select players only after they've been invited by the developers to download the game.

Other publishers have pointed out towards the fact that there are already third-party stores available on Android- it's just that most users don't visit them or don't find the reliable. But as of today, Google searches for Fortnite are indeed pointing to the right places, and Google's storefront message means that fakes probably won't reign on Google Play.

Epic Games launched the game on Apple's store in mid-March, and has since then earned more than United States dollars 180 million on iOS devices.

Should Epic Games prove there is life without Google, the ripples in the app economy might start turning into waves before; everyone likes saving cash.

Did you know one news about Fortnite? Epic Games is doing something completely different with Fortnite for Android and has bypassed the Google Play store. To get on the list, go to Epic Games' official website and register with your email address.

It may even surpass it, given the game's popularity continues growing and the standalone download allows it to reach players in countries where Google Play isn't available. It is interesting to see how the PUBG vs Fortnite battle pans out now that both games are pretty much available on all platforms. Epic Games has yet to comment on this issue.

Once you download the APK, the file must be moved to an Android smartphone for further installation. Yeah, we know. Although the game has been up and running on other platforms, it's still in beta on Android. Fortnite grossed over $180 million on iOS alone since March, earning Apple $54 million in fees, according to mobile data firm Sensor Tower. Most items that appear in this section are added to the game within a couple of days and so fans can expect to carry the big and powerful weapon very soon.