Demi Lovato Reportedly Agrees to Rebab

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Recall with drug addiction demi Lovato that plus everything else and suffers from bipolar disorder, struggling for many years.

According to the website, the former Disney star's personal assistant screamed "she's dead" after finding the singer at her home, and one of her bodyguards gave her some form of first aid as it seemed like she wasn't breathing. Regardless of what type of drug she may or may not have taken, audio of the emergency call revealed that Demi Lovato was unconscious upon the arrival of emergency services. "There was blood on her pillow. and her airways may have been clogged", according to TMZ.

Demi Lovato has agreed to enter rehab at her family's request following her recent overdose.

There is no exact release date for the singer at this time, but sources tell the publication that it will be "any day now".

"The Sorry Not Sorry singer is feeling fine and is all prepared to leave the hospital this weekend".

Demi Lovato has agreed to go to rehab, TMZ reports.

Demi Lovato has not released a statement of any kind, nor has she posted anything on social media since her apparent overdose.

The site added that paramedics administered Narcan, an overdose reversal drug that is used to reverse opioid overdoses, upon arriving at Lovato's home.

They said: People in contact with her have not even broached the subject of rehab, because she's still not out of the woods after her overdose a week ago.

We're still sending all our love and well wishes to Demi and her family at this hard time.

"He is not recommending anything to her right now but he has reassured her that he will be with her the entire way to full recovery and is glad to help her in any of her wants and needs".