Delhi Police cautions people against 'Kiki' dance challenge

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Taking a stricter approach, the challenge has been banned in Spain, UAE and Egypt.

The challenge, also known as "In My Feelings Challenge", involves jumping out of a moving auto and dancing alongside it to Canadian rapper Drake's latest song, "Kiki do you love me". "Standing outside window or jumping out of a moving auto, train or vehicle to break into a dance may seem freaky".

Sure, the Kiki Challenge must sound hilarious to a lot of social media enthusiasts who like to try a hand to validate their online presence, but in actuality, it's nowhere close to being a fun thing to do.

Posting a picture of a man dancing on the road alongside an ambulance with its doors open, the Delhi Police tweeted today, "Dancing on the roads can open new doors for you".

The UP police tweeted the same as mentioned below...

A Delhi Police official said people caught indulging in the Kiki challenge could be booked for nuisance on the roads or playing loud music in addition to unsafe driving under the provisions of The Motor Vehicles Act. In hundreds of such videos that have surfaced on the internet, people are seen crashing into poles and tripping on potholes.

The Gujarat Police on Tuesday warned taking up the Kiki challenge may land one in a hospital bed or behind bars. Later American footballer Odell Beckham Jr also recorded himself dancing outside his auto.

The video, posted by UP police, begins with a girl - whose face is not visible - taking the challenge at Gomti Nagar river front, a popular destination of young boys and girls in Lucknow.