Reham Khan: Imran Khan Is "More Focussed On The Prize"

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Now, the former World Cup cricket champion will have to partner with independents and smaller parties, a task analysts said should be straightforward.

The former wife of Pakistan's new Prime Minister says he is only focused on winning.

In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, the PTI has won a two-thirds majority by bagging 65 seats in the assembly of 99 members.

In this regard, PTI leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that many independent candidates were those who couldn't be allotted the PTI ticket due to which they contest on their own.

Despite her trepidation, Dr Nighat said any change would be positive and she is willing to give Mr Khan a chance.

Not long afterwards, he also said that India and Pakistan need to improve their relations, benefit from trade opportunities, and address a common curse: poverty.

Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had 62 seats, the results showed.

The Pakistani electronic media throughout the day yesterday kept on mentioning names of possible candidates for key government offices and possible members of the federal cabinet.

Khan was also widely seen as the preferred candidate of the country's powerful military, which has directly ruled Pakistan for nearly half its independent existence since 1947, and has maintained an outsize influence over politics throughout that period. In their preliminary findings, the observers said the electoral process was "not as good" as the 2013 election and campaign week featured a "lack of equality" that meant it was not a level playing field for all parties. They condemned the interference of "state agencies" in the election, a veiled reference to the military and intelligence apparatus. Living away from Pakistan has made me aware of the problems snuffing out the country already marred with political instability and I truly wish to see it getting in the news for the right reasons; it pains whenever I find people associating it with terrorism and bloodshed. He still remains one of the most successful captains of Pakistan. Supporters of the Awami National Party, which won a single seat, have held demonstrations in different cities against the alleged vote rigging.

Moonis Elahi, a leader of another party, said that he had come to "an understanding" with Khan's party and that he was trying to convince other politicians to join as well.

"We aspire to a regional order - independent nations that can defend their people and compete fairly in the worldwide marketplace", Pompeo said during a speech on the Indo-Pacific region.