Demi Lovato’s 911 Call Is Released, ‘No Sirens Please’

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ABC News has confirmed that pop star Demi Lovato was treated with the drug Narcan at her home before she was transported to the hospital.

Later in the 911 call, a male caller tells the dispatcher, "We heard the sirens".

"Mama, I'm so sorry I'm not sober anymore/And daddy please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor", she sings over somber piano. "This is definitely a medical emergency and we need to get there as fast as possible". "I don't have any control over that", the dispatcher then informs the caller. The 911 call, in which the person requested the emergency vehicles not sound their sirens, did not come a minute too soon, the source claims, as Demi was reportedly in major crisis.

"I think everybody just wants her to be OK and there's no feeling that I can perceive of [people saying], 'How dare she?' or anything like that, " Lipshutz said.

As we reported on Tuesday, the Sorry Not Sorry songstress was hospitalized following an alleged incident at her Hollywood Hills house.

"What they'll start to talk about and map out especially in this first week or two is, 'How do we get back on that path?' and what is really critical is the next 90 days", he told Inside Edition. "And I didn't know she was struggling so much".

Last month Lovato released the song "Sober" in which she revealed she had relapsed.

In her YouTube documentary released past year called "Demi Lovato, Simply Complicated", she openly discusses her cocaine use and battles with alcohol.

It's believed Demi will go to rehab when she leaves hospital. "Our thoughts go out to Demi and her family", the network said.

TMZ report that a number of Demi's friends have sensed the star had been struggling in recent weeks, and an intervention was reportedly staged. "This is obviously a huge wake-up call", a source told the publication.

Meghan Trainor poses for a portrait at Hotel Amarano, Thursday, July 26, 2018, in Los Angeles to promote her upcoming album, "Treat Myself".

The singer has spoken candidly in interviews about her use of cocaine and addiction to alcohol, as well as mental health issues and an eating disorder.