Korea denuclearisation talks ongoing, no timeframe set

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North Korea Times reports that in addition to the mixed doubles pairs, the Koreas will also field one joint team each in men's and women's doubles event. The Pentagon says 7,699 USA servicemen are missing from Korea, including about 5,300 believed to be in the North. Downes, 70, was 3½ when his father's B-26 Invader went down on January 13, 1952, northeast of Pyongyang, the North Korean capital.

The text has been criticized for the lack of specifics and deadlines regarding the dismantlement of the North Korean nuclear programme.

A USA official told Stars and Stripes that the North may return as many as 55 sets of remains on July 27, which is the 65th anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended the war, although that date may change as more talks were needed to finalize the details.

North and South Korea team together at IITF
Trump - no hurry on North Korea denuclearisation

The US is making progress in its denuclearisation talks with North Korea, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who recently made his third trip to Pyongyang, said today. However, Pyongyang shouldn't look forward to an easing of sanctions any time soon, as, according to Trump, they will remain in place. The worldwide community will end up having little choice but to accept North Korea as a nuclear power.

North Korea has offered to meet an American delegation on Sunday to discuss the repatriation of remains of soldiers killed in the Korean War, a US State Department spokeswoman said on Thursday.

Trump last month met North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore in the first US-North Korean summit and received a letter from the reclusive leader expressing hope for "practical actions".

North Korean cargoes were carried from Wonsan and Chongjin to Kholmsk between July and September a year ago on six occasions.

However, hours after North Korea demolished the site, Trump suddenly announced the cancellation of his meeting with Kim in Singapore due to "the tremendous anger and open hostility" from Kim.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who recently had been a regular on global news due to high-profile summits with leaders of South Korea, China, and the United States, have returned focus to home affairs, scolding bureaucrats for slow progress in economic improvements in rural areas.

President Trump has chastised the media as "fake news" for allegedly not reporting his successes with North Korea after a face-to-face meeting with Kim Jong Un.

Likely also to prove untrue is the part of the Trump-Kim statement that said the North had war remains "already identified".