Apple announces 60 new emojis that will be launched with iOS 12

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"As soon as you include people in any emoji set you're going to have, rightly so, more people that wanting emojis that look like them", Burge said. Other food emojis will include a bagel (most likely to cut in half, so it's not confused for the doughnut) and a salt shaker. The company did the same thing last year, so it should be safe to assume that Apple will be unveiling new emoji every year every July 17.

There will also be more animal emoji to choose from, including kangaroos, peacocks, parrots and lobsters.

Apple unveils new emoji on World Emoji Day - news

World Emoji Day 2018 marks the fifth such celebration of emojis, which in less then two decades have gone from a marketing gimmick to a mode of communication that spans all languages. Emojis can be polarizing, however; some people hate them.

The emoji update is due to be available as part of an update to iOS 12, due in the fall.

The "Face With Tears of Joy" is the most popular emoji for Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, U.S., U.k., and Vietnam.

It works like this: the game will show you an emoji, and you have to find its real-world version before time expires. A single picture message can be the size of hundreds if not thousands of text messages; hence World Emoji Day is definitely worth celebrating. "Many additional characters across sports, symbols and more, will launch later this year, including a new superhero emoji, a softball, nazar amulet and infinity symbol".

The red heart emoji was used twice as much on Facebook as past year and over 900-million emojis are sent every day without text on Facebook Messenger.

Apple is recognizing the day by unveiling 70 new emojis, including a cold face, party face, pleading face, and a face of hearts.