Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Promo Image Leaked

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As well as showing the handset, the ad also has "Galaxy Note 9" in its top right corner, and the words "The new super powerful Note" along the bottom.

As you might have also heard, the Galaxy Note sequel will probably look a lot like the Galaxy Note 8. The S Pen will have Bluetooth connectivity, though, we still don't know what for.

This speculation comes from a trademark filing in Korea, spotted by SamMobile, that indicates Samsung is set to launch a "Galaxy Watch". It does reveal that the device will be launched with TFA9896 audio amp, NFC, and a fingerprint reader.

Despite retailing at a hefty £600, the Tab S3 has since plummeted to a more palatable £460 on Amazon.

By the way, recently in the network appeared the information that the family of Samsung smartphones will soon be replenished relatively affordable model called the Galaxy J7 Aero.

The S Pen is said to be getting a refresh as well, with some saying it'll come with Bluetooth support. For this reason, Note9 may look more like the S9 + and not the S9. Because it's on a poster now, and that makes it new and exciting.

Meanwhile, an earlier render released by Android Headlines appears to show slimmer bezels on the Tab S4, compared to those on the S3. Would you be okay splashing over more than $1000 for the Note 9 knowing that there are only minor differences between it and its predecessor?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 features and specs: What can it do? Indicating that this leak is likely to have some grain of truth to it.

Specification-wise, the presumed Samsung Galaxy J6+ will showcase the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor. Now, we're looking at the back.