United States officer quits after harassment over Puerto Rico shirt

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Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello reacted to the video Monday on Twitter.

The Cook County Forest Preserve police officer who was caught on video letting a man verbally abuse a woman, resigned the evening before a hearing investigating the case.

Officer Patrick Connor was supposed to have a sit down with his bosses about the incident, but instead he quit on July 11, The Chicago-Sun Times reported.

The Forest Preserves issued its own apology for what happened. The recording, taken by the woman involved, shows a man, identified by the police as Timothy Trybus, demanding to know why she has a Puerto Rican flag shirt on and whether the woman, Mia Irizarry, is a US citizen.

She said the incident went on much longer than the video showed, even after Trybus was in custody and placed in a squad auto.

More officers arrived and arrested the man.

Garcia posted a statement in which he said, "The Puerto Rican community deserves an apology and the young woman deserves justice from the Cook County Forest Preserve and the Cook County Justice System". "He basically got in my face, damn near nearly touched me", Irizarry is heard saying to the camera during the incident. Irizarry can be heard asking a park police officer for help, and telling him she is uncomfortable.

He has been charged with disorderly conduct and assault. Puerto Rico is a USA commonwealth. 'The world is not going to change the United States of America. But it became widely known this week when a video of the encounter was posted on social media, prompting condemnation from many local activists and politicians and from the governor of Puerto Rico.

Prior to his resignation, Conner had been placed on desk duty in the wake of the June 14 harassment incident.

He said his agency would re-examine the diversity training for its officers and other employees.

"I have full faith in our system and the process and the investigation that is going underway", Arroyo said.

Then, she says: "Officer, I'm renting, I paid for a permit for this area. Is there anything you can do?" she said. Irizarry is heard telling Trybus that Puerto Rico is part of the United States as he approaches her multiple times. "Can you please grab him?"

What unfolds over the 30-minutes is a man physically and verbally intimidating a very polite and poised 24 year old American woman, while a uniformed police officer stands by and does nothing to intervene or help. She said the group politely complied but her Puerto Rico shirt appeared to act as a trigger to the man. "People have just as much right to be here as you and, when you're drunk, you don't belong here".

Tamara Cummings, general counsel for the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council said about the deplorable incident: "The video does not look good, but anybody who is a football fan knows that the video does not tell the whole story". Puerto Rican residents have been American citizens since 1917 and have the right to vote in USA presidential primaries but not in presidential elections.