North Korea Calls Talks 'Regrettable' After U.S. Says Progress Was Made

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While few think that the world would be better off with increased tensions between the USA and North Korea - except perhaps national security adviser John Bolton - Trump's pathetic attempts at diplomacy have squandered an actual opportunity to move toward long-term peace.

Pompeo later dismissed those comments, saying the two sides "made progress" and that talks will continue.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may have been too busy visiting a potato farm to meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Pyongyang's state media implied Tuesday.

Pompeo, who spoke with Trump, national security adviser John Bolton and White House chief of staff John Kelly by secure phone before starting Saturday's session, replied that he "slept just fine". -South Korea joint military exercises.

Trump is left to hope, in vain, that "Kim Jong Un will honor the contract we signed &, even more importantly, our handshake". The desire for a broader security realignment explains why Kim agreed to "denuclearisation" and not disarmament.

Pompeo, who was carrying out the first meeting between the US and North Korea since Mr. Trump met with Kim Jong Un in Singapore last month, would not reveal any details on the progress he said was made.

The "fastest way" to achieve a nuclear-free Korean peninsula was through a phased approach under which both sides took steps at the same time, KCNA said in a statement, citing an unnamed foreign ministry spokesman.

"This is not the end of the process".

Japan's Abe had praised Pompeo for his strong leadership on the issue after speaking with the Secretary of State Sunday.

"This is standard operating procedure for three generations now of dictators in North Korea", Sen.

"It seems the United States misunderstood our goodwill and patience", the statement said. "Nobody should be surprised by foot dragging".

"Pompeo's visit I think was a useful beginning to set out parameters and to start working on the details of a deal", said Joel Wit, founder of the 38 North research institute.

In criticising the talks with Pompeo, however, the North carefully avoided attacking Trump, saying "we wholly maintain our trust toward President Trump", but also that Washington must not allow "headwinds" against the "wills of the leaders".

In practical terms, Pompeo mentioned only that officials from both sides would meet on July 12 to discuss the repatriation of the remains of some United States soldiers killed during the 1950-1953 Korean War.

While the United States has seemingly dropped its previous demand for "complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization", North Korea's position remains what it has always been. It also destroyed its main nuclear testing site, where it conducted its sixth and most powerful underground nuclear explosion in September. For North Korea, it means the US will abandon its decades-long guarantee to defend a non-nuclear ally South Korea, which has thus far not been discussed.

However, following the stinging commentary from the North, he allowed that the goal of denuclearization would be hard and that much work remains. "I really believe that he sees a different future for North Korea", Trump told reporters. "We're in a fight with China", he said on "Fox News Sunday". -Vietnamese business community in Hanoi, Pompeo said Vietnam's experience since the normalization of relations with the 1995 should be proof for North Korea that prosperity and partnership with the possible after decades of conflict and mistrust.

Pompeo has served as the Trump administration's point man on the North in recent months. Trump, by contrast, was caught saluting a North Korean general. "So why wouldn't Kim Jong Un dig in his heels with Pompeo and press his advantage?"