'It's Coming Home!' England fans get World Cup fever

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Gareth Southgate and his England team aren't either for now.

England have already made history during the World Cup, after beating Colombia during a penalty shootout.

Heartwarming footage posted online shows crowds at a Sikh wedding dancing to the Skinner and Baddiel hit while chanting "It's Coming Home" and waving glow sticks in the air - with at least one even wearing an England shirt.

Even England's players have got in on the act, with Manchester United attacker Jesse Lingard sharing the contents of his phone conversation with his mother.

Plus, if it doesn't come home, how amusing will it be to see them lose after all this excitement?

It's not hard to figure out that it's World Cup related, but the origins of the saying actually go back over 20 years. Even if that is a small stretch the Three Lions can nearly always guarantee that the English captain will be able to beat the opposing keeper when they need him most. With lyrics like, "England's gonna throw it away, gonna blow it away", and "thirty years of hurt", the song was meant to lovingly poke fun at the bittersweet existence of British soccer fans, according to the Independent.

The most erotically charged example of football coming home definitely came with a little help from the brilliant dole queue scene in "The Full Monty".

"I find myself doing this with qualifiers and all that - you have to say: 'Oh well, you never know".

David Baddiel, co-writer of the famous song "Three Lions", from which the "football's coming home" hook originates, has admitted as much in this excellent piece published in The Times today.

George Ezra is now sitting pretty at the top of the UK Singles Chart with his tune "Shotgun", but he doesn't want to stay there.

"I don't know what it is, but sometimes I get a feeling for certain things".