Merkel says open to international talks on slashing car tariffs

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Regarding a possible rejection of refugees to Hungary, Merkel explained that Germany has felt that Hungary seems to be not responsible for the Dublin rules, referring to the agreement reached in 2013 on the dealing with asylum seekers in EU. "We don't want to import problems, that's the difference in viewpoint between us".

While he expressed a willingness to talk, Orban said his position hadn't changed over the past three years.

As the sharpest critic of Merkel's migration policy in the EU, Orban met with the German chancellor for the first time since May 2014.

Orban said the solution is to close Europe's external borders and provide assistance to potential migrants in Africa and Asia to stop them coming.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who has pushed Merkel to take a harder line against migrants, said a new plan to establish migrant detention centers envisions sending people directly back to where they first entered the European Union - primarily Greece and Italy. The new measures to halt Med migrants will be "in the interests of Italy, but also Germany and Austria", Kurz said. Merkel said that "Germany is a reliable partner in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation".