Hero dog suffers swollen snout after saving owner from rattlesnake bite

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An Arizona woman is thanking her dog after the pup shielded her from a snake bite on a recent hike.

Paula Godwin said she and her dogs were out hiking in Anthem, Arizona when she nearly stepped on the venomous serpent.

The post also included a collage of photos of Todd, some of which showed the 6-month-old Golden Retriever wearing the effects of a venomous bite.

"But my hero of a puppy Todd saved me", Godwin wrote on Facebook.

The bite to the nose and cheek caused Todd's face to swell.

Speaking in a video shared in the aftermath of the bite, Paula explained: "He for sure saved me from getting bit. Please say a little prayer for my sweet hero".

But Godwin needn't have been anxious because Todd stepped in and took a bite that was meant for her. But her golden retriever Todd came to the rescue.

According to Matt Nelson, who runs We Rate Dogs, Todd's post "shattered all of our records". A true h*ckin hero. Godwin states that the fundraiser is not specifically for Todd, but to help others in need.

Godwin described the attack on Facebook. "Just a thank you to all the support", Godwin later wrote on Facebook.

"We don't deserve dogs", one user stated, while another stated "dogs are the best people".

The fearless pup is expected to fully recover.