Twitter Blocks Users Who Shared Article With Trump Adviser's Number

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Stephen Miller was the first Trump administration official to be accosted at a Mexican restaurant when a patron on earlier this week screamed that he was a "fascist" over the administration's border separation policy, the New York Post reported.

What triggered the latest controversy surrounding the microblogging site is a story titled "Here's Stephen Miller's Cell Phone Number, If You Need It" published by Gizmodo Media Group-owned news and opinion site Splinter.

The encounter took place on Sunday at Espita Mezcaleria.

Last month, the Trump administration made a decision to begin criminally prosecuting almost all illegal border crossers, tightening up a policy that had in the past been more discretionary and lenient to illegal immigrants. The tweet accompanied a short clip pretending to be Miller's June 16 interview with Times reporters Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael Shear.

The publishing of Mr. Miller personal information online, a controversial practice called "doxing", resulted in Splinter News and staffers who shared the article being temporarily suspended from Twitter.

Later in the day, Twitter lifted its Miller issue.

But bowing to public pressure, the US President on Wednesday signed an executive order that reverses the separation policy.

Coffman's singling out of Miller perhaps represents the GOP wanting to distance itself further from the more fringe actors in Trump's administration, who all too often have been deeply influential.

"And while citizens plan protest marches and scream at Kirstjen Nielsen as she eats dinner, Miller himself has been rather unavailable for direct feedback from the public", the article read.

"And the President should fire Stephen Miller now", Coffman added. Twitter locked numerous accounts that posted the number, as well as some that retweeted or shared the original Splinter article.