Spurs' Leonard wants trade to LA

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The Spurs star forward - who can become an unrestricted free agent in 2019 - is looking for a trade to Los Angeles, preferably the Lakers, league sources said. "Teams can go decades without acquiring a player that good". Despite the meeting, Leonard has privately said he no longer wants to play with San Antonio, but it's unlikely the team would be motivated to work out a deal with the Lakers, the sources said. Leonard is a bona fide top-five player.

George, too, could re-sign with Oklahoma City and try to make a run with Russell Westbrook.

The divide between Leonard and the Spurs had everything to do with the handling of his right quadriceps tendinopathy injury, as he had sought outside medical counsel and spent significant time away from the franchise that found itself at odds with its centerpiece. The Clippers will bring in some very exciting talent that will help them win games next season and for future seasons.

There are parallels between George's situation a year ago and the current one with Leonard.

Gregg Popovich flew to San Diego Tuesday to meet with Kawhi Leonard with hopes of mending fences, according to multiple reports.

It's the flawless storm for the Lakers, but the forecast remains hazy.

If the allure of playing in Los Angeles is strong, the Lakers can come back for Kawhi next offseason to align with their youthful core instead of offloading Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and draft picks when the player could just sign for free the following offseason. Even trading for Kawhi and signing LeBron and George this offseason may not be enough to make them favored over the Golden State Warriors, and I wouldn't pick them to take down the two-time defending champs.

So Leonard can push for a trade to the Lakers, but he may not get it.