Delhi slum drowning in plastic as Environment Day focuses on India

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The celebration of the world event, marked on June 5 annually, was adopted in 1974 by the United Nation to throw more lights on the need to protect the environment from degradation. New data from waste and brand audits conducted in five Philippine cities confirm results of earlier coastal clean-up audits that multinational brands are the country's top sources of plastic pollution.

"Today, we announced the appointment of Patricia Fuller as Canada's new Ambassador for Climate Change to help advance Canada's clean growth and climate change priorities on the world stage".

Two years ago, the Indian government notified the "Plastic Waste Management Rules" which recommended the minimum thickness of plastic carry bags be increased from 40 microns to 50 microns.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) urged Filipinos to stop using single-use plastic items that usually end up polluting the oceans and waterways.

Lauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's achievements in the field of environment, he said that the worldwide community believes that India will achieve its pre-2020 or COP21 targets before time.

Half of all the plastic we produce is single-use or disposable.

The bank said that the use of plastic had severe environmental and health consequences.

According to the Bank, WED 2018, is a call to action for Africa to come together to combat plastic pollution, one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Plastic in oceans is likely to outweigh fishes by 2050.

Countdown has already started phasing out plastic bags with 10 stores no longer selling plastic bags, and is going to remove plastic packaging from hundreds of its in-house products within seven years.

Kangana Ranaut put a plastic bag on her head to highlight the damage that's being done to the environment and asked people to refrain from it.

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"We need action now".

He said "several countries such as Eritrea, China, Rwanda, Mauritania, Morocco and Kenya have outlawed the use of plastic bags; while England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, South Africa, among others have placed a fee on the use of plastic bags".

Speaking last week at the launch of the National Environment Week, Environment Minister Dr Vincent Biruta noted that, around the world, nearly 450 million tons of plastic is produced every year.