Ref inbounded the ball for LeBron James and the Cavs

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A bounce-back game would be more than welcomed by Cleveland. "They're going to make runs".

"But at the end of the day, it's all about trying to get a win and doing whatever you can to make that happen". "We have another opportunity on Friday to win on our home extend the series".

"This is a pride game for the Cavaliers", he said. Yet the fact remains that they have their hands full. It's bad that the ref didn't stop the play, admit his mistake and have the Cleveland Cavaliers put the ball back in bounds.

LeBron James finished with a triple-double, totaling 33 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 assists. The fury on Lebron James' face said it all. Still, it isn't easy living up to James's standards. A great game isn't good enough. After his Game 1 mishaps, that is probably no surprise at all.

Curry struck for an National Basketball Association record nine 3-pointers in game two but comes to Cleveland knowing the fight is far from done.

Last September, Trump withdrew an invitation to the Warriors after they beat Cleveland in last year's final following remarks from Curry saying he didn't want to attend. If the Warriors bring their "B" game - as they did in Game 1 - they will fall in Cleveland. Not to James, anyway. Smith has not played well, on balance, for the entire season.

And he isn't concerned with how high the odds are stacked against him. And facing great, really great teams.

"Everybody says it's not just the one play or the reason why we lost", Smith said.

"We're very confident we can do that".

"That's my job. That's my responsibility. That's my obligation, and I need to continue to do that, which I will".

Golden State presents a challenge no single star can stop, though.

"You've got to do what's in the best interest of your team", Curry said. But the Cavs are not remotely on the same level as Golden State from a talent perspective.

The Boston Celtics will be going into next season as true title contenders, with expectations to do more than just win the Eastern Conference.

James can shift the entire landscape of the league depending on where he goes. Talk about his future has been in the air for months.

Cleveland has endured injuries, trades, tragedy and drama for months.

Despite his horror night, Curry shook off his shooting slump when the Warriors needed it, hitting a layup and a wide open three to turn a 97-96 deficit into a 101-97 lead with 2:38 remaining.

James electrified the joint just 2:24 into the game.

James said he hesitated on calling a timeout when Smith was dribbling away from the basket because he wasn't totally sure the Cavs had one and it could've led to a technical foul.

No one knows that better than James.

And believe it, James was not going to relax Wednesday night.