Kevin Durant rewards Stephen Curry’s ‘childlike approach to the game’

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Curry and his fellow Splash Bro, Klay Thompson, are now tied for the most three-pointers made in a single postseason at 98, a record that will likely stand for a very long time (unless one of the two breaks it themselves). They have not changed their minds this year. Even with all that, the Warriors could still ride the frontrunning superstar they added to their overflowing coffers two summers ago.

On the day when the Philadelphia Eagles were supposed to be there to commemorate winning the Super Bowl - a visit that was canceled by President Donald Trump and had the White House accusing players who weren't planning on attending of abandoning their fans - Curry and James were among those speaking out at the NBA Finals in support of the Eagles.

A few reminders about his team's urgent predicament against Golden State, questions about President Donald Trump and another review of Cleveland's heartbreaking loss in Oakland swung his emotions.

Curry raised Trump's ire past year when he said he wouldn't go to the White House, prompting the President to disinvite him and the champion Golden State Warriors.

"You know, he's an assassin, and that was one of those assassin plays right there", he said.

After watching the ball swish through the net, a deadpan Durant casually walked to the Warriors' bench while Curry was in his face yelling ecstatically and Draymond Green behind him cursing with joy.

There has been clear tension between many star athletes and the current administration throughout the Trump presidency. That lineup extended a razor-thin one-point lead with 7:34 left in the fourth quarter to cruise for the win.

"You guys asked me this last year, what was the difference between the Warriors the previous year and this year, and what was my answer?" Iguodala makes an impact at both ends, but where he is most effective is at slowing down LeBron James.

An underrated member of James' Heat teams, Haslem is more a chemistry and leadership choice than anything else.

The feat gets even more impressive when you move further down the list and realize Manu Ginobili needed 218 games to hit 324 threes, and Reggie Miller, considered to be possibly the greatest shooter of all-time, accumulated 320 three-pointers in 144 games. That is what occurred when the odds were stacked against the King once again when the Warriors were able to win another NBA Championship in 2017. Many members of the US Olympic Team that competed earlier this year in South Korea did not attend a White House reception. This is why New England has been to eight Super Bowls since 2001 and are still somehow going strong. He has ingrained himself in the Warriors' culture and become an active participant.

"You know, we've got a lot of depth", Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. "So it's just the way it is".

"I thought we played a good first half", Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said.

Kerr also lauded the Eagles for being what he called "fantastic citizens in their own community".

"It's just being aggressive, being in the right spot too", Livingston said. The Cavaliers need to do some serious soul searching before tonight's game if they want to come out with a win.

Wednesday, the Cavaliers began with the burst you expected.

Golden State had no intentions of messing around in game two. However, that is not to say they are unbeatable.