Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC's Major New Mode Gambit Revealed

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NetEase has spent $100M on a minority share in Destiny 2 developer Bungie. A fresh story, new destinations to explore, a unique PvP/PvE mode, and a whole lot more is in the works. It concluded with a release date announcement for September 4. "This entirely new way to play 'Destiny 2' offers something for all types of gamers to enjoy, appealing to those who thrive on the competitive challenge of PvP gameplay, while seamlessly blending the collaborative and unpredictable elements of PvE".

We get to see and hear about the Tangle Shore, the new "Gambit" mode that marries PvE and PvP together, and the Dreaming City, which is the homeland of the Awoken.

New weapons and armor in "Forsaken". "Full of secrets to discover and bosses to defeat, this destination also houses the brand-new raid and is the first space designed from the ground up to support endgame content". The set includes a ghost shell, fireteam medallions, a new emblem, and an ornament for the new bow weapons being introduced with Forsaken. Fans and players have high hopes the September expansion will do for Destiny 2 what "The Taken King" expansion did for the first Destiny. It's really more of a montage, running through the basic details of the piles upon piles of changes that will be coming to the game this fall. This investment will give Bungie the resources to help create and maintain many different franchises at the same time. Bows are also in, and each class seems to be getting significant reworks - "anime" style Void Warlock teleports were highlighted as the standout adjustment.

This will add more grind to the game as the most hardcore players chase the best stats and drops, which is something that many of those players have wanted. It seems like each class will get multiple new Supers, and we're certain Bungie is hiding a few things for surprises when it releases.

Gambit is a 4v4 "hybrid" mode that will see two teams battling enemies in separate arenas, collecting and banking "motes" from fallen foes.

Bungie today revealed plans for Destiny 2's second year, which includes a new expansion - Forsaken - for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC online shooter.