Colorado State lowers its prediction for hurricane season

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"We take care of people up to a certain point", says Martin Senterfitt, director of emergency services of the county of Monroe.

Boaters are also being reminded to check forecasts before going out and to take proper precautions on Day 6 of Safe Boating Week.

In the end, most experts agree that it really doesn't matter who has the best forecast.

While they still do not anticipate a significant El Niño during the hurricane season, most of the North Atlantic has continued to anomalously cool over the past two months, CSU said.

Further, the limitations of forecasting, despite advances, should be understood. Hoyt said. "Once we start evacuation people it will tell you what areas are under active evacuation". "Now, it's here's your forecast, here's what this means".

"During Irma, too much attention was paid to small changes in the official track forecast of the center as it shifted from the east coast to the west coast of Florida", Brennan recalled. The magenta colored rectangles highlight the "Main Development Region" (MDR) which is where the majority of tropical storms and hurricanes develop.

Still, forecasters are quick to note that even in a less active year, it only takes one major system making landfall to have life-altering impacts. Most forecasts call for 25 percent fewer storms than last year's season, which was the most costly on record.

"We issue these forecasts to satisfy the curiosity of the general public and to bring attention to the hurricane problem", the university said.

"Twenty years ago, there would be data at one point and then the next data point in your model would be 60 miles away, something like that".

"While industry predictions for this year's storm season indicate average activity levels, associated storm surge risk remains an important consideration for residential and commercial properties in the 19 states analyzed", said Dr. Tom Jeffery, senior hazard scientist at CoreLogic, in a press release.

"What's being predicted here points to something near-normal to maybe leaning slightly above-normal in terms of the total number of storms for the 2018 season".

Expect six hurricanes this season, according to a report Thursday from Colorado State University.

The current pattern creates a set up in which the air tends to sink over the tropics, resulting in higher surface pressure and diverging surface winds. Most Florida residents who say they would evacuate-62 percent of them-say they would leave their homes if there was a category three hurricane or greater.

A year ago the US was hit by three major hurricanes - Harvey, Irma and Maria - that helped drive total losses to more than $215 billion, according to Munich Re.

"That's a more challenging thing. We made some very small gains", Cangialosi said of predicting intensity. That is a 23 percent increase since 2016.

That effort has, Cangialosi said, resulted in some improvements, in part because atmospheric models have come online that are exclusively dedicated to hurricane forecasts.

Dilley said his company can at least predict zones along the coasts that will likely see a landfall. NOAA predicted 5-9 hurricanes and 1-4 major hurricanes.