Woman throws poop at coffee shop employee who denied her restroom access

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Before leaving, she was also seen grabbing some tissues, wiping her behind and then throwing the soiled tissue at the counter. The video further shows that the male staff member continues to talk to her as she bends down to poop, but soon steps away as it was clear that she was excreting right there.

A spokesman for the company told The Province that employees at the restaurant had denied access to the bathroom for the woman based on her past behavior.

After being denied entry into the establishment's bathroom, the woman in question began berating an employee working at the coffee shop before pulling down her trousers and defecating right in plain view of both staff and customers.

Officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police collared the crazed crapper in the parking lot a short time later, The Abbotsford News reported.

The worker was anxious that letting her in could impact "the immediate safety" of customers and other employees, the spokesperson said.

The hilarious moment was captured at Tim Hortons CCTV camera and the video goes viral.

Langley RCMP Corp. Holly Largy confirmed that the RCMP received a complaint.

It's unclear what triggered the incident, but a spokesperson for Tim Hortons said it appears an employee had refused to let the woman into the restaurant's locked restroom. Police in the area say the woman is no stranger to law enforcement and they have dealt with her antics before. "In limited cases across the country, restaurants have a restricted access policy for restrooms to ensure the well being of our guests".