Trump has the final word in Laurel/Yanny debate

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Except this time, I very clearly heard "laurel".

The rest of America may be resting on its Laurels, but President Donald Trump's mind appears to be stuck on another word that puzzled us all.

Regarding the Laurel or Yanny question, the "right" answer is Laurel since the clip was taken from a recording of the word "Laurel" from

Here is a brief summery: For starters, what you hear depends on which frequencies your brain emphasizes.

"It's Laurel, but I could deflect and divert to Yanny if you need me to", said Kellyanne Conway.

But there are also plenty of White House staffs who only hear Yanny, including strategic-communications director Mercedes Schlapp.

So if you're hearing Laurel, you're likely picking up on the lower frequency.

Now, the White House wants to be in on the debate.

Even Mike Pence joined the fun, robotically turning to the camera and asking, "Who's Yanny?" So hearing Yanny might mean you have younger ears. Much like anything on the internet, disagreements over what is being said in the clip broke out nearly immediately. "Clearly you're getting your information from CNN, cause that's fake news, all I hear is yanny", she replies.

Regarding the "Yanny" vs. "Laurel" debate, CBS News reported Twitter data shows 47 percent of people hear "Yanny", and 53 percent hear "Laurel".