Musk makes pitch for ambitious LA tunnel plan

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It appears to be a reference to how quickly he wants The Boring Company to move in its mission to build a network of tunnels under Los Angeles.

Elon Musk's transportation system under the surface of LA finally has a name, and it's a play on his other transportation system Hyperloop. The fare for running the loop will be only $1 and Mr. Musk claims the project wont be noisy and will help to reduce traffic in the city. "Once you get below 20 or 30's just rock, basically", Musk said.

Elon Musk speaks at a Boring Company community meeting in Bel Air, Los Angeles, May 17, 2018.

The Boring Company has taken it slow, choosing to build a 2.1-mile proof-of-concept tunnel in below SpaceX's parking lot in the town of Hawthorne.

"If you think about it, if I can do this trip in about half-an-hour to an hour, I can do dozens of these a day and yet a long-haul aircraft can only make one of those flights a day", she told the audience.

According to his plans, the privately-funded tunnel will carry cars on "electric skates" at 150 miles per hour (240 kph) to ease LA's "soul-destroying" congestion. These tunnels were not yet part of his cross-country "Hyperloop" system, which would ferry people in tubes travelling at airline speeds at a much lower cost. Musk has already dug out a tunnel on the SpaceX property and the plan is to keep going.

Musk launched his foray into public transit after complaining about traffic on Twitter in late 2016, vowing to "build a boring machine and just start digging".

The plan calls for excavated soil to be compacted into concrete reinforcement segments for the tunnels, or turned into construction bricks.

It's hard to imagine everything proceeding as smoothly as Musk and Davis make it sound, and it's hard to imagine that there'd be no disruption caused by the comings and goings at hundreds of neighborhood stations with hundreds of vehicle elevators.

A crowd of about 700 people, followers of Musk, a few seen wearing Tesla Company hats, cheering along to numerous comments made by Musk and the answers given by Musk for various questions asked after his presentation was quite challenging.

"If some of those resources were applied to personalized mass transit, then there's the potential for a significant breakthrough", Musk said.

The billionaire revealed footage of his Boring Company's exploratory excavation, which will be open to the public and offering free rides within months. And it sounds as if further outreach might need to focus on local residents rather than Musk's fans. But although the entrepreneur has always been long on vision, the City of Los Angeles is a complex, sprawling place.