Laurel or Yanny? What science has to say

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Productivity around the world took a massive dive yesterday as people started debating whether they could hear the word "yanny" or "laurel" in a four-second audio clip which took over the internet. "The "Yanny" sound is more in the high frequency range. and the older you get, the more you lose your high frequency response in your hearing".

"When you say the word "yanny" and "laurel", the waveform looks very similar for the first band of energy resonance".

Do you hear "Laurel" or "Yanny"?

Cloe Feldman
Cloe Feldman Verified account @CloeCouture

Dr. Bunta said the audio illusion is actually a combination of artificial signals that sound like Yanny and Laurel.

A odd audio clip has taken over, making people question their hearing.

Millstine added, "There was some proof out there that Laurel is the original word, the original recording is Laurel and there is a high frequency overlay that got put on to make Yanni". The question and words on the screen while you're listening also suggest what you could be hearing, having your mind fill in the gaps although the person really isn't saying either of those words. Szabo, 18, played the recorded clip through his computer speakers for a school project, the New York Times reports. On Tuesday evening, Feldman said in a video that she was fielding multiple interview requests and searching for the original creator.

"I'd like to declare something that is just so obvious, it is Laurel and not Yanny", he said.

The clip picked up steam after a debate erupted on Reddit this week.

"It's partly because of different frequencies in the audio file", Goetz said.

With time, a definitive scientific explanation will probably surface, like the one given for the dress, which had much to do with lighting.

With some delving into the audio, there is a way to hear both, or maybe not.