'Gotham' Renewed for Fifth and Final Season on FOX

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Gotham season 5 is happening! David Mazouz, who plays Bruce Wayne on the show, wrote in an Instagram post that he was happy that the show would be able to finish the storylines they started in the series' first four seasons. Gotham is now made by Fox, the same studio that got rid of Brooklyn Nine-Nine before NBC came to the rescue.

While previous seasons ran for 22 episodes each, Gotham's fifth will be a shortened 13-episode run scheduled to debut midway through the 2018-2019 TV season.

Bruce Wayne just had his closest call yet. Indeed, syndication can be a lucrative venture, and no doubt Warner Bros. After months of being in limbo, "Gotham" has finally been renewed for another season by FOX.

To-date, the series has told the origin stories of some of the most recognisable characters from the world of DC. Hence, the 100-episode benchmark became a goal for long-running shows in order to appear more valuable. One good thing to take away from this news, besides the writers getting a chance to wrap up the story, is that there will be a focus on Bruce becoming the Batman.

Fox have been pretty brutal over the weekend, cutting a number of shows from their schedule including "The Last Man On Earth", and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine".

Gotham was considered a likely goner last week, or perhaps to move to DC's streaming service. Despite all this, though, Gotham has a lucrative streaming deal, global cache given its title/content, and comes from a studio in WB that FOX likely wants to keep a relationship with as they transition to a new phase.