Rudy Giuliani stands by his comment about Trump and AT&T

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Some in Washington expressed sympathy for Bob Quinn who was ousted Friday as AT&T's senior executive vice president of external and legislative affairs.

Quinn started with the Bell system as an operator for Illinois Bell in 1980, before AT&T was broken up by the Justice Department in a landmark antitrust action four years later.

"Whatever lobbying was done didn't reach the president", Giuliani said, offering as proof the fact that AT&T's proposed merger with Time-Warner has not gone through. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told Bloomberg News that Trump was "unaware" of the payments to Cohen; Vice President Mike Pence told NBC News it was a "private matter" and "something I don't have any knowledge about".

While Trump has been consistent about his opposition to the AT&T deal, "he didn't interfere" with the Justice Department case, Giuliani told CNN.

Cohen's deals with AT&T and other corporate clients were first revealed this week by an attorney for adult film actress Stormy Daniels, but the new documents obtained by The Post offered greater detail about his arrangement with the telecom company and the type of work he had been hired to perform. Last year, AT&T spent almost $17 million on federal lobbying, the third highest among companies.

Avenatti released information this week showing that the payment to Clifford was partly funded by companies including a Russian-tied investment firm through a shell company set up by Cohen.

On the day AT&T announced its bid to buy Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, then-candidate Trump said he opposed the deal.

The FBI raided Cohen's home and office in April, as part of a probe being conducted by NY federal prosecutors.

'Everything we did was done according to the law and entirely legitimate.'

"To be clear, everything we did was done in line with the law and wholly valid", Stephenson wrote.

The Washington Post reported this week that Cohen received $600,000 to consult for AT&T about the merger, among other issues. But the fact is, our past association with Cohen was a serious misjudgment.

"Did Cohen even listen to what Donald Trump was saying on the campaign trail?"

Cohen drew up the agreement, complete with fake names for Trump and Daniels, and paid the money using a shell company he registered in DE just days earlier. "This is actually the definition of 'draining the swamp, '" she said, directing further questions to the president's outside counsel. Cohen has not been charged with any crime, and his lawyer has maintained that he has done nothing improper.

Quinn did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Murray's letter calls the company's contract with Cohen an attempt to develop "unvetted and unproductive relationships to try to sway government officials in its favor".

The company says Cohen approached them following the 2016 election.

Giuliani, the former U.S. Attorney of the office now investigating Cohen and also a former New York City mayor, took charge of Trump's private legal team handling the Mueller investigation last month with the hope of wrapping it up quickly.

Though as he noted, he was never a registered lobbyist for AT&T. Both companies said they cooperated fully and consider the matters closed, but that hasn't stopped Avenatti.