Is LeBron James the Greatest Player Of All

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However, they were dominated by the Warriors in the finals the following year before Irving surprisingly asked to be traded as he preferred to be the focal point of a team.

This season's four-game sweep marked the third season in a row that the Cleveland Cavaliers succeeded in knocking the Raptors out of playoff contention.

Was there any doubt he would win the game on Saturday as he thundered up the court with 8.8 seconds left in a game tied at 103-103? In addition to averaging the most points per game when facing elimination, James also holds another record.

The Lakers have been the most talked about destination for LeBron all season.

That's why it is most unfair to James to foist him into a GOAT debate with Jordan and make it seem like James's entire legacy is tied to leaping over him. Without him on the roster, James has upped his usage in isolation, in the post and as the ball handler in pick-and-rolls.

LeBron James or Michael Jordan? He is giving Cleveland one final gift: the best basketball of his life in the last days before he walks away. It accounts for nearly half of his teammates' field goals when he's on the court, the highest rate of his postseason career. He was remarkable and efficient, finishing his career with a.497 field goal percentage.

LeBron James has had one of the greatest careers in National Basketball Association history, and most can say he's one of the top two players of all-time without question.

The only player who is now scoring and facilitating at a similar level as LeBron is James Harden. Well, it must be going at a snail's pace for LeBron then.

According to ESPN, it's the most James has been responsible for in a single game in his postseason career. His burden to be anything more than the kid from nearby Akron who grew to be the greatest player of his time was relieved.

It's hard to explain what is different with this season's LeBron, but I have never seen him this comfortable with himself. He's fresh off averaging 23.6 points per game against the Philadelphia 76ers, helping the Celtics win their second-round series 4-1 and earning a berth in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Celtics now lead the series 3-0.