Galaxy Note 9 may have been revealed in this leaked picture

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Lite has been rumored to arrive for a while now, the alleged device got certified by TENAA quite recently, and now, the phone's press renders and a possible release date surfaced. Some say that the Galaxy Note 9 will come with in-display fingerprint scanner. According to the information we've gathered thus far, it would appear that it's going to be rather hard telling the difference between the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy Note 9 - save a single, very much extremely, tiny detail.

Design: Note 9 is expected to sport a design language similar to S9 but only bigger in size. The phone is also the first to bring dual camera set-up to Samsung's flagship phones and Note 9 most probably will continue the trend.

Now the question arises, why don't Samsung can't get the technology right when smaller manufacturers like Vivo has already integrated the technology. There's also a bit of informed presumption action going on in there as well. Both the smartphone also comes with Always On Display feature as well. If you've been wanting the premium Galaxy S8 or S9 but can't afford twice that amount, then Galaxy S8 Lite may be good enough.

Above you'll see a mockup wherein the left model is a Galaxy Note 8 straight from Samsung, left is a might-be-GN9 from Ice.

This Samsung Galaxy S8 Lite could help to form part of Samsung's strategy to recycle older flagship handsets to offer high-end specs for a lower price. And Samsung is doing the same thing with the Galaxy S9.

A separate trademark application sees the company granted use of the name Samsung Galaxy Fit, which may be for the follow up device to the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro. Samsung's logo will be included on the back, and the device will be made out of metal and glass. This suggests a drastically improved S-Pen or S-Pen apps.

Samsung the world's largest smartphone manufacturer and sadly, the slowest software update provider, may have finally chose to introduce Android Oreo update to some of its last year's midrange devices.