Mahathir votes, confident of opposition win

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As polls opened, senior opposition figures claimed their phones were flooded with spam calls from overseas to hamper their communications, with Lim Kit Siang - a key opposition leader - accusing the ruling coalition of "dirty tricks". It should be coming out by now.

"But the officer concerned refused to sign the form".

Referring to BN, Dr Mahathir said: "They are left far behind. the likelihood is that they would not be forming the government".

He also alleged that there was "hanky panky" being done to frustrate the wishes of the people.

In a strong statement issued on the eve of the country's general election, the commission's chairman, Razali Ismail, said Tuesday that a level playing field for the election is also undermined by money and gifts being distributed by Prime Minister Najib Razak's ruling coalition, a practice long discarded by many democratic countries.

Shortly after his news conference, returns on the EC website began rapidly updating, with the opposition bloc taking 42 to the ruling coalition 38.

In GE13, PH won 30 state seats, and the remaining 10 seats held by BN.

"We can not be confident that [the opposition] will look after our interests, especially the people in the rural areas, the interests of Islam and the interests of the Malays", he told a rally in Pahang state at the weekend, state news agency Bernama reported. But in a blow to his ruling bloc, the leaders of its Chinese and Indian component parties both lost their seats, according to Bernama.

Pakatan Harapan (PH) will continue ruling Penang after winning more than 30 state constituencies in the 14th General Election (GE14), based on unofficial results as of midnight.

Malaysia's opposition hopes a surge of support from disillusioned members of the country's Muslim majority can carry them to an unlikely victory in Wednesday's elections.

Voters complained on social media groups of long queues outside polling centers, which resulted in a waiting time of up to three hours or more for some. It was understood that they would each get another 200 Ringgit if they managed to cast their ballots today.

The election campaign had been "quite vicious in the content of the personal attacks, which doesn't reflect a mature democracy", he said after voting. "But the most important thing is for the people to decide on the destiny of this nation". If it performs particularly badly, Najib could face challengers from within his own party or the government itself might not survive a full term because minor parties within the coalition could defect. He has endured controversies during his nine years as Malaysia's leader and has been embroiled in a multibillion-dollar corruption scandal. If he wins, the 92-year-old will become the world's oldest leader.

"You are voting for the future of the people".

Najib showed reporters a finger stained in purple ink after voting and then greeted supporters.

As he left in a auto, Mahathir said, "I'm quite confident by the way people (have) come".

In a tweet, Najib condemned the "tactic of spam calls" from global numbers received by his camp's leaders and said web sites of the BN alliance could not be accessed.

That year it won 47 percent of the votes but still secured 60 percent of the seats in parliament due to the electoral system that makes votes in Malay-dominated rural seats, which traditionally support the coalition, more powerful than urban votes.

The ruling National Front lost its two-thirds majority in parliament in 2008 elections and lost the popular vote in 2013, its worst ever result.