Childish Gambino Drops New Politically Charged Track 'This Is America'

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Following his appearance on NBC's Saturday Night Live (a show which a young Donald Glover auditioned for twice), Glover released his brand new single, "This Is America".

After Glover, who acts as an armed murderer in the video, shoots his first victim, he hands his gun off to a man wearing a white polo in dress trousers, who wraps the gun in a red cloth while the victim is pulled dragged away by the arms.

On top his performance, he was also the host of the episode.

As the video continues he goes on to commit another shocking act of gun violence before turning to the camera and saying 'This is America'.

The choreography shifts from gun violence, to suicide, to viral videos.

At one point he shoots a man in the head. This is America really is contemporary America - it is Glover's America, the average African-American's America, and now, it is also Donald Trump's America. He recently did an insanely cool and casual tour of the Millennium Falcon.

From Atlanta to Solo to his new album coming soon to his tour with Rae Sremmurd this summer, Donald Glover is keeping himself and his Childish Gambino persona busy before he retires Gambino permanently.

One can also make the assumption that Glover's character is being chased because he murdered 11 people over the course of the video.

So far 2018 has been his year across the field.