Pickup truck, plane crash at BWI

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A Southwest Airlines plane traveling from Nashville to Dallas Love Field Airport made an emergency landing at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport late Monday night.

Lauderdale, was pulling up to the gate when the collision occurred, per a statement released by Southwest.

The airline says they worked quickly to accommodate the 103 passengers to make sure they wouldn't be further delayed and offered "a gesture of goodwill" for the inconvenience. "Once we landed everything was going fine, but just as we pulled to the gate I heard a crunching sound", 23-year-old passenger Zuryna Smith told The Post. Some reports said fire crews were assisting the passengers disembark the plane, while the pickup truck remains stuck underneath the jet. The circumstances that led to the accident is not yet known.

Southwest Airlines has since responded to passengers' tweets concerning the incident, although the company has not elaborated on a possible cause.

An engine exploded during a Southwest flight last month that killed a passenger, the first on a US carrier since 2009. She died from her injuries after being rushed to the hospital.

A Southwest Airlines plane struck a pickup truck at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Maryland.