Google unveils new 'smart compose' feature for Gmail

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At Google's annual I/O developer conference today (May 8), the company outlined how artificial intelligence will continue to drive innovation, including some new features coming to Google products you may already be using.

The AI-powered feature called Smart Compose can suggest contextual phrases and even complete sentences, allowing Gmail to type emails pretty fast. Pulling from yourvast Gmail message history, Smart Compose will be able to help you put together an email by suggesting whole phrases when you start typing them.

What do you think about the new smart compose feature?

Smart Compose in Gmail is ever-so-slightly different from Smart Reply.

The first new feature comes in the form of smart suggestions in the image viewer. If a suggestion pops up that users like, they just hit the tab button to use it. The company cites an example of the suggested closing phase of "Have a great weekend!", if you happen to be composing an email and it's a Friday. From there, you should see Smart Compose auto-populate your messages in the not-too-distant future. In reality, at least among those newest attributes that made it to Gmail to get iOS is now on Android for just a small while.

Google has begun rolling out a big Gmail update for iPhone and iPad, adding the ability to snooze emails and send money via Google Pay. Smart Compose is available for consumers over the next few weeks and for G Suite customers in the coming months. Next, go to the general tab in your settings, scroll down and enable experimental access.