Hangover star rescues 'heckler' having a seizure during stand-up gig

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It was such ideal timing: "Ken just jumped from the stage to help", another audience member, Heather Holmberg, told USA Today of the incident.

Comedian and "Hangover" actor Ken Jeong put his medical education to use Saturday after a woman in the crowd of his Phoenix comedy set experienced a medical emergency. Ken thinks its heckling, when people are asking for his help.

Physician, Standup Comedian Ken Jeong did appreciable job in the show. An audience member who happened to be an EMT reportedly also stayed with the woman until things were under control.

"He couldn't see what was going on with the lights". We need you!' He realized there was an issue, and he came over.

Jeong, 48, was admirable in his actions, says Heather Holmberg, a Phoenix resident who was in the audience. Someone was having a crisis. "He jumps off stage to assist.Dr. Ken to the rescue!" tweeted Holmberg, referencing the series "Dr. Ken" Jeong starred in from 2015-17. There was no immediate word on the woman's identity or condition.

Once the woman was taken care of, Jeong hopped back on stage and within minutes was able to finish his set and get the tensed-up audience laughing once more. He graduated from Duke University in 1990 and obtained his M.D.at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine in 1995.

"And he was brilliant", Holmberg said.