IPhone X Face ID Failures Spark A Peculiar Repair Strategy From Apple

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The problem is preventing the affected users from being heard during phone calls or FaceTime chats. According to a support document addressing the service providers obtained by 9to5Mac, Apple wants its technicians to run diagnostics to find a problem with the Face ID and see if the issue can be resolved with a rear camera fix.

Henceforth, Apple seems to be fixing the issue with issuing the service document to the workers in the service centers, which finally describes the proper procedure of conducting identification of their back cameras and trying repairs, even prior to replacing with the newest item.

When that happens, you may expect the front-facing TrueDepth camera or the display in its entirety to be replaced, but for some reason, authorized service providers are now advised to try repairing the rear shooter first. If the diagnostic screen shows that the affected device "could not detect dock" or "accessory not supported" alert, the service providers should initiate the repairing process. The problem could only be resolved permanently by sending the iPhone to authorised service centres.

It appears that Apple has finally acknowledged the issue; a new report suggests that the company has sent a support document to retail stores and authorised service providers, which stated the process of dealing with the consumers who are experiencing issues with the Face ID. In the leaked report, Apple has mentioned that some devices required fix as the software seems to be wrecking the hardware, however, the details are lacking.

Even though Apple addressed the problem internally, there's no public acknowledgment to the issue that has lurked around for months. The Apple iOS 11.3 update, released on 29th March, came with great features and nasty surprises.

In order to provide the best customer experience, if a customer reports that their iPhone X is having Face ID issues, you may be able to resolve the issue with a rear camera fix. Namely, after upgrading to iOS 11.3 the microphones of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus stop working.

One can also contact Apple through email or Phone. Users reported that their iPhone's battery is draining rapidly, not charging properly and also there were reports of excessive heat build up.

A customer checks an iPhone 7 inside the new Apple store Saint-Germain during the first opening day on December 03, 2016 in Paris, France. Undoubtedly, Apple needs to fix these iOS update issues so that it can focus on its upcoming flagship models.