Veterinarian accused of implanting heroin in puppies for drug ring

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A Colombian drug trafficker who twisted his skills as a veterinarian to turn innocent pooches into veritable drug mules was hauled into federal court in Brooklyn on Tuesday - where prosecutors revealed how he cruelly sewed heroin into the stomachs of live Labrador pups.

A vet from Colombia has been charged in Brooklyn for illegally smuggling narcotics into the United States by surgically implanting packets of liquid heroin into the bellies of puppies.

When the puppies arrived in the US, the heroin was surgically removed from their bodies.

Elorza, also known as Elorez, was a fugitive for years before he was arrested in Spain in 2015.

A US veterinarian accused of sewing heroin into puppies' stomachs as part of a Colombian drug ring will be extradited to NY more than two years after his arrest.

Prosecutor Richard Donoghue said: "Dogs are man's best friend and, as the defendant is about to learn, we are drug dealers" worst enemy.' Elorza was remanded in custody.

"Elorza is not only a drug trafficker, he also betrayed a veterinarian's pledge to prevent animal suffering,"Richard Donoghue, for the prosecution, said".

In a statement, Richard Donoghue a USA attorney for the Eastern District of NY said "dogs are man's best friend and, as the defendant is about to learn, we are drug dealers' worst enemy".

Investigators believe the puppies would have died in the process.

Dogs that were recovered from the clinic in 2006 are pictured in this undated photo. He was arrested a month later. They were then exported to the US.

The seven surviving dogs that were discovered by officials were adopted by other owners in Colombia.

Fortunately, several of the canine couriers were saved, and one became a narcotics dog, per the DEA.

Elorza faces a minimum sentence of 10 years up to a maximum life sentence for the crimes he is accused of committing.