Sheriff: Suspect in deputy killing may want to talk

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Police in central ME have arrested a man accused of killing a police officer this week, ending a four-day manhunt, a sheriff said Saturday afternoon. Police described Williams as "armed and extremely unsafe".

Williams was wanted in the fatal shooting early Wednesday of Cole in the town of Norridgewock in central Maine. Officers put him into the back seat of an unmarked state police vehicle and detectives whisked him away.

"It was resolved peacefully without anymore harm to our officers", Lancaster said. More than 200 officers from multiple agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have been working on the case.

State Police Lt. Col. John Cote said authorities have interviewed family and friends of Williams and now have a good understanding of his whereabouts and activities in the 24 hours leading up to the shooting. Shortly after 5 a.m. Wednesday, the cruiser was found abandoned.

Williams faces illegal firearms charges locally after an earlier arrest in Haverhill.

Sirois said Williams lived with her when he was in high school after having a falling out with his parents.

Williams, of Madison, Maine, allegedly drove Cole's police cruiser to rob the Cumberland Farms convenience store in Norridgewock, Maine, before dumping the vehicle on a remote road, where police found it around 5 a.m. Wednesday.

Cole's handcuffs were used in the arrest, authorities said.

Police declined to say whether he'd been apprehended, or had turned himself in.

Images show an exhausted and shirtless Williams being taken out of a wooded area at 1:15 p.m.

"He was certainly struggling with addiction", Sirois said, "and it seemed to get progressively worse from September to after Christmas when he was asked to leave".

But Cole, 62, had been involved in the arrest of Williams' girlfriend several days earlier, and Williams was anxious about being arrested himself for failing to appear in court in MA on firearm charges the day of the shooting. He was due in court Wednesday.

He offered "limited resistance" when being arrested and taken to the Waterville Police Department for questioning, police said.

Sirois said she has no idea what transpired that morning and hopes Williams turns himself in.