Port Authority Commissioner Curses Police During Traffic Stop

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Caren Z. Turner has "resigned" from her position.

She demanded that police explain why they had pulled the auto over. Police officer: "You're just here as a ride right?" Turner's daughter was inside a auto with a group of friends.

"You may take them now", he said, referring to her daughter and friends. Police officer: "The driver has all the information".

"This is on me and I take full responsibility for it", Turner, a public relations professional, said in a text message, Politico reported. And even officers who have seen it all are stunned.

The Tenafly police chief commended his officers for maintaining their professionalism during the traffic stop. "I can't move back any farther and you keep coming closer to me". According to NJ.com, her daughter was pulled over for "front side tinted windows and a Nevada license plate with a dealer-installed chrome bracket that proclaimed: 'Henderson-I am a VIP at Findlay Toyota, ' which partially covered the name of the state".

A Port Authority ethics chairwoman and a former financial adviser to Hillary Clinton was forced to resign after a profanity-filled confrontation with police at a traffic stop.

She curtly corrected one officer who called her "Miss".

In the video, released by the Tenafly Police Department to Storyful, Turner arrives at the scene to pick up her daughter and several other passengers who have been stopped by the police. But she wouldn't give up.

"I'm very disappointed in the way the two of you are acting", she fumed. But instead, she resigned.

"No, don't call me miss, I'm 'commissioner, ' thank you" Turner said to one of the officers after one of the officers called her "miss". The lights were off and it seemed no one was home at Turner's Tenafly home Tuesday night, though the Mercedes was in the driveway.

The story goes that Turner's daughter called her to the scene to pick her and her friends up because the adult male who was driving the vehicle was pulled over.

The video shows Turner introducing herself to officers and saying she's there as a "concerned citizen and friend of the mayor" before asking why they were pulled over.