Amazon Launches Jacksonville In-Car Delivery Service That Unlocks Vehicles Remotely

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The Seattle company said Tuesday that it has begun delivering packages in 37 cities to Prime members who own newer General Motors or Volvo vehicles.

Shrivastava also said that Amazon can not see or track the customer's vehicle; instead, the customer gives Amazon an address where the auto will be parked and publicly accessible, along with the make, model, color and license plate number to help the delivery person find the right auto.

If your package does get stolen, the same rules apply as getting your delivery poached off your porch.

Customers must download the Amazon Key app to which they can link a connected auto. The announcement of the in-car delivery service follows Amazon's introduction of the Amazon Key program previous year that lets the people delivering packages into the homes of customers who opt-in.

Last fall, Amazon launched a new service called Amazon Key, which allows customers to receive deliveries inside their home. Now, they also have the option to arrange for Amazon delivery drivers to drop off packages in participating vehicle models by using an app that connects to GM's OnStar connected platform. There may be some instances where you'd have a delivery dropped off in your vehicle in your own driveway or elsewhere, but this is really a workday kind of service. This means that cars do not need to be left unlocked.

In-car delivery likely will appeal to some customers, acknowledged Josh Lowitz, a partner at Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The company has now introduced another secure package delivery service, but one that doesn't require giving a driver access to your home.

Amazon said that it will include more locations and more vehicle makes and models over time.

With an app, customers can buy a product on Amazon, then authorize their auto to be unlocked remotely when the delivery person is nearby.

The product must depart from an Amazon warehouse-not an independent seller-and anything in need of a signature can not be delivered to your trunk.

Key In-Car delivery is a great idea especially if you spend a lot of time away from home. After it's set up, you can select the "In-Car" delivery option at checkout when shopping on Amazon. But imagine being able to order something from Amazon when you're in a pinch-say, a power bank when the smartphone battery is getting low and you don't have a cable with you-and having it delivered right to you within the hour. "This intersection between transportation and commerce could very well be the next wave of innovation, and we intend to be at the forefront".