Amazon Alexa App Updated With iPhone X Support

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Contrary to Cook's statement, a recent survey report in the USA revealed that Apple's iPhone X sales seem to get diminished in the first quarter of 2018 while the sales of iPhone 8 or 8 Plus has risen up since the last quarter of 2017.

Apple's App Store redesign in iOS 11 is paying off for developers, with a new study from Sensor Tower (via TechCrunch) revealing that apps landing in the featured spots on the new App Store can see a boost in downloads by as much as 800 percent.

Apple has released iOS 11.3.1 to address problems with touch input caused by third-party screen repairs.

After the release of iPhone X in November 2017, Tim Cook had announced in February 2018 about its top-selling performance in the mobile market against all other rivals.

"Yet, Apple doesn't make the replacement screens available to the thousands of fix shops that people take those phones to in order to be fixed", said U.S. PIRG's Nathan Proctor, Director of their campaign for the Right to fix. Third-party fix shops have speculated that the sensor issue pops up only because they are unable to obtain and use an Apple fix tool that tells the iPhone to accept replacement parts without complaint. However, users can also use iTunes to perform a clean install of the latest update. This is particularly common with Apple products due to the expense of replacements using genuine Apple components.

The iOS 11.3.1 update is nowhere as major a software build as the iOS 11.3 package that was created to enhance the user experience by letting users toggle performance throttling and view battery health. Although many patients are already familiar with clinic-specific patient portals, Apple's new Health Records feature is said to allow patients to download their medical records from a variety of hospitals and clinics, and consolidate those records on their iPhone. Also, it is recommended to take a backup of all the files before proceeding with the update. It fixes a memory corruption issue that could give an application elevated privileges. Then the buyer makes the "right" choice and goes to the App Store.