Apple reportedly planning to simplify iPhone branding starting in 2018

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It should also be noted, however, that at a collective 60 percent, the current iPhone models are selling just a bit better than previous-generation iPhone models, showing the customers' preference for cheaper iPhones. Successors to the tenth-anniversary edition iPhone X- the 5.8-inch iPhone X and the larger iPhone X are expected to sport OLED displays while the 6.1-inch iPhone will have a LCD panel, according to reports. Even Korean police also raided the company's offices in November, ahead of the iPhone X's launch to ask "questions about its business practices" according to Metro.

This move wouldn't be anything new for Apple, or the tech industry as a whole, as the iPad has already undergone a similar branding change.

In connection to this, Neil Campling, co-head at International Banking and Finance Group Mirabaud Securities stated that Apple will not produce new iPhone X citing the overestimation of the demand by Apple as its reason. More recently, the Korea Herald reported that Apple could face penalties in Korea over pushing iPhone marketing costs on to telecom partners in the country.

Kuo said in January that iPhone X could be canceled. Whether or not supply will be met on time remains to be seen. Especially so after the disappointing sales of the iPhone X, as this guarantees money in Samsung's pocket.

Speculation about Apple cutting back its orders for iPhone devices and related components has been fueled by revelations by more Taiwan-based suppliers that their orders from the USA client for its smartphones have been reduced or delayed, according to industry sources.

Moreover, iPhone sales have been continually on a downward trend the iPhone 6 in 2014. Analysts believed, based on the reported pricing requirement for OLED display, the newiPhone X Plus/ iPhone 11 will be sold at $899.