Fox Talk Show Host Sean Hannity Is A Shrewd Real Estate Investor

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Last week, it was revealed in federal court that Hannity is a client of President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen - something he never disclosed on his Fox program as he blasted an FBI raid on Cohen's home and office. Hannity has acquired hundreds of properties, using shell companies, across the USA over the last decade.

Swaine noted that Hannity's investment strategy was "confirmed by thousands of pages of public records reviewed by the Guardian", but later in the article wrote, "A Hud source said Hannity was identified in non-public filings as the 100% owner of the apartment complexes". In 2013 he purchased homes at a discount after their previous owners lost them to foreclosure.

The host, however, has criticized former President Obama in the past for the rate of United States foreclosures, saying in 2016 there were "millions more Americans suffering under this president".

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni told Maher it's more than a little "scary" to think that "on major issues, the President's first call is to Sean Hannity".

The public documents also show Hannity purchased some of the properties with mortgages that Hannity obtained with the U.S. Department for Housing and Urban Development. "Michael knows real estate", Hannity said on television, a few hours after the dramatic hearing in Manhattan, where Cohen is under criminal investigation.

Hannity did not disclose any commercial relationship with HUD when interviewing its secretary, Ben Carson, on his show last June.

"It is ironic that I am being attacked for investing my personal money in communities that badly need such investment and in which, I am sure, those attacking me have not invested their money", the 56-year-old said in a statement on his website Monday. "I can say that every rigorous process and strict standard of improvement requirements were followed; all were met, fulfilled and inspected".

"The question for Fox News is whether they want to consider themselves a journalistic institution and continue to employ as an anchor a guy who is clearly better at real estate than reporting". "Mr Hannity is no different".

"I think its amusing that Sean Hannity turns out to be a welfare queen for HUD, having taken advantage of guarantees that were put forward by none other than the Obama Administration", New York Times conservative columnist Bret Stephens said on MSNBC Monday morning.