Detroit 3.6 Earthquake Rattles Motor City Nerves

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The Detroit News noted, though, that a 2.0-magnitude quake happened in the Detroit area on January 16 after a meteor slammed into Earth in MI.

Detroit experienced a 3.6-magnitude natural disaster Thursday night that rattled the nerves of many in the Motor City, but apparently caused little to no damage, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The United States Geological Survey says the quake originated about 3.1 miles below the surface of Amherstburg, Ontario, which is across the Detroit River from Gross Ille, about 16 miles south of downtown Detroit.

There is no immediate word on injuries or damage from the quake. Few people in heavily populated areas nearby reported feeling the temblor, perhaps owing to its depth of 11 miles.

You might be surprised to learn that Canada gets over 4,000 earthquakes a year on average, but only about 50 of those are ever actually felt by people because majority happen in areas where no one lives.

Earthquakes are rare in the midwest region, but they do happen every now and then.