Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode in the Works

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And what will happen to all of them when there will be too many battle royale games around? Call of Duty has always been best as a tighter, more twitch shooter. If the developer decides to release a Battle Royale mode for Battlefield, it won't be ready in time for the launch of Battlefield V later this year but could potentially release at a later date as either a free update or standalone expansion. With enough interesting gameplay tweaks, that could be a flawless fit for Activision's workhorse.

Players are even already used to jumping from planes and parachuting into large scale maps in previous Battlefield games, so the battle royale framework moulds itself easily to DICE's patented gameplay formula.

It appears the Battlefield franchise may not be the only well-established FPS series to potentially feature a battle royale mode. That implies the mode features 100 different players slowly fighting it out in a shrinking play area until just one is left standing. There also other options such as playing in squads or duos. Are you excited for the series to invest a popular mode like the battle royale, or would you rather DICE exclusively invest in making Battlefield V the best it can be without it? However, recent reports have suggested that the next Battlefield title is called Battlefield V, that it will release this year, and that the game will take place sometime during World War II.

The battle royale prototype is described as similar in structure to both Fortnite Battle Royale and its predecessor, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Would you like to see a Battle Royale mode in Battlefield and Black Ops 4?