'Stranger Things 3' adds unexpected '80s movie alum

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"Your classic 80s politician, more concerned with his own image than with the people of the small town he governs".

With Elwes playing a sleazy '80s type, I can only hope that he's studying "That Guy" from Futurama to really nail the character. Perhaps Cary Elwes' Mayor Kline has been aware of the experiments happening at Hawkins Lab, and therefore won't be a help when new dangers come to the town. Created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, Stranger Things season 1 quietly premiered on Netflix in the summer of 2016, before become a massive hit for the streaming service. Now, at the height of its popularity (and budget), Stranger Things season 3 is poised to deliver a blockbuster movie-level third season.

Elwes is of course most famous for playing the heroic Westley in Rob Reiner's whimsical fairy tale adventure The Princess Bride from 1987.

Jake Busey is the son of Gary Busey and is best known for his role in Starship Troopers but has appeared more recently in Marvel's Agents of Shield.

Busey, meanwhile, will star in Shane Black's Fox feature The Predator, arriving in theaters this August.

Bruce is a journalist for the The Hawkins Post with questionable morals and a sick sense of humour.

Eleven exposed her power to the Mind Flayer when she closed down the portal to the Upside Down that was opened in the Hawkins research lab.

Stranger Things 3 hasn't started shooting yet, so don't expect to see the next run of episodes sooner than 2019.

Busey's character's name is Bruce, and while he is also a bit of a sleazebag, it's a very different type of sleaziness than Mayor Kline.

As was the case last season, details for the upcoming third season are being kept tightly under wraps. But this could also mean that some of the supernatural incidents will no longer stay secret for long.