Satellite images reveal damage caused by Western airstrikes in Syria

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Putin warned that 'if such actions, carried out in violation of the United Nations Charter, are repeated, that would inevitably provoke chaos in worldwide relations, ' according to a statement from the Kremlin.

Just hours after striking Syrian government chemical weapon sites, the three allies circulated a joint draft resolution at the United Nations security council that "demands" President Bashar al-Assad's regime engage in UN-led peace talks "in good faith, constructively and without pre-conditions".

Early on Saturday, the United States, together with Britain and France, made "targeted strikes" on Syria, saying that the Syrian government was responsible for the alleged chemical attack in Doumawhile on April 7.

The bombings marked the biggest intervention by Western countries against Assad and ally Russian Federation.

U.S. President Donald Trump again praised the decision to carry out the air strike in a tweet on Sunday, reiterating his claim that the missiles had delivered on their intended goal.

The officials said that while the available information is much greater on the chlorine use, they also had significant information that also points to use of sarin, which is a nerve agent.

The White House pushed back against Macron's comments about Trump's intentions for US forces.

"We still have troops on the ground, but the president wants to bring those people home and that hasn't shifted", said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, adding "we don't have a time frame on it".

"We are determined to completely crush ISIS and create the conditions that will prevent its return".

The president scoffed at reports that Syrian and Russian air defense systems had shot down dozens of the US missiles. "We wanted to see that happen", she said.

"They are hard for us, but will do more damage to the U.S. and Europe", RIA quoted Serebrennikov as saying.

The draft resolution signals the West's bid to return to diplomacy following the one-night military operation against Syria's chemical weapons programme. It was not clear when the visit would take place.

His remarks came during his meeting with a delegation from the Russian Federation in Damascus, Xinhua news agency reported.

Now, Haley says at the UN Security Council that America remains "locked and loaded" for more strikes should new "chemical attacks" come, and uses an if-clause when talking to Fox about the prospects of withdrawal from Syria.

Russian and Iranian military help over the past three years has allowed Assad to crush the rebel threat to topple him.

Assad told his visitors that the U.S., Britain and France, which carried out the strikes, had waged a campaign of "lies and misinformation" against Russian Federation and Syria.

Igor Kirillov, head of Russia's radiological, biological and chemical protection unit, told reporters the roads still had to be de-mined and cleared and would be tested by United Nations security services on Tuesday.

A Syrian military statement said 110 missiles were fired Saturday by the U.S., Britain and France and that it shot down majority.

OPCW stands for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.