Netflix now has over 125 million subscribers globally

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"Whether or not our share of that [online viewing hours] grows or shrinks is really up to whether or not we produce great content, market that well, serve it up beautifully, and if we do that well, earn more of consumers' time then we continue to grow and if we get lazy or slow we'll get run over just like anybody else", said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in a pre-recorded interview.

Netflix shares climbed in after-hours trading following the release of its Q1 earnings after the USA market closed, Monday. The inventory could be the top performer on the S&P 500 this calendar year.

"I don't think this is a one-time thing", said Chaim Siegel, analyst at Elazar Advisors. Wells Fargo & Company MN now owns 1,934,754 shares of the Internet television network's stock worth $371,396,000 after buying an additional 354,801 shares in the last quarter. It said it expects to add another 6.2 million subscribers globally this quarter to push its user count to 131.2 million.

All told, Netflix now has 125 million subscribers across the world.

A cornerstone of Netflix's growth is its content, which the company said it will spend up to $8 billion on in 2018.

Free cash flow was a negative Dollars 287 million, narrowing sharply from the negative 524 million recorded in Q3 and negative 423 million the year before.

"[Apple could] make a ton of money if we monetized our customer", Apple's (AAPL) chief executive said in reference to Facebook's core business model. He indicated the company is already in production on one series based on a Millarworld property, "The Umbrella Academy", and that the acquired company released its first comic book under Netflix auspices.

The slate included science fiction series "Altered Carbon", Marvel action drama "Jessica Jones".

Non-English programing also is gaining traction, Netflix said. For global streaming, revenue of $1.78 billion was slightly above our $1.74 billion estimate as monthly revenue per paid member came in at $9.77, up 21% year over year. Netflix shares rose on the news. The figures come off the back of strong subscriber growth.

The company's performance suggests that its strategy of investing in original content is working on increasing subscription numbers. We are also seeing more examples of non-English content transcending borders.

But it faces growing competition as technology companies such as Apple and Amazon pour money into premium programing, global rivals jump into streaming and traditional media companies pursue digital customers. He says that titles such as Brazil's 3% have been particularly successful and the streamer is looking to add more, such as Denmark's The Rain. Netflix recently traded at 9 3 times anticipated earnings for the next 1-2 weeks, versus Amazon at 133 occasions earnings and Disney at 17 times earnings, according to Thomson Reuters data. The total number of subscribers amounted to 125 million million, from over 117 million in the previous quarter and nearly 98 million year-on-year, including nearly 57 million in the U.S. and over 68 million outside. NFLX added 7.41 million new subscribers for the quarter, up 50% year-over-year, and significantly higher than the 6.35 million it had forecast.