Dark Souls: Remastered Switch Version Delayed to Ambigious 'Summer' Release Date

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If you were looking forward to taking Dark Souls: Remastered with you everywhere you go this May, unfortunately that's going to have to wait.

The good news here is that the other versions of the game - for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC - have not been delayed and will still be out on May 25 as planned. "We are excited to watch the thriving Dark Souls community grow and support new players experiencing the title for the first time". Dark Souls Remastered may be arriving next month, but Bandai Namco is excluding Nintendo's latest console from the initial sun praising. The new Q3 release also sees the Solaire of Astora Amiibo delayed to this summer, too.

"Due to the nature of causality, we must announce that the Nintendo Switch version of #DarkSoulsRemastered will be pushed back to summer of 2018, and with it, the release of the Solaire of Astora amiibo", Bandai Namco wrote.

The remastered port will include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, as well as improved framerate and resolution from the original "Dark Souls" game.

The announcement on Twitter created quite a storm among fans in the comment section, and some of the comments were met with answers to ease sundered souls. The game was playable in Switch form at PAX East recently, and even previously rough areas like Blighttown seemed to be running well, so hopefully the delay is as minor as Bandai Namco suggests.