'Yodeling Kid' Mason Ramsey Delights Crowd At Coachella With Special Appearance

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On Friday, Mason tweeted that he was on the way to Coachella and would be performing with Whethan. While Mason previously said his dream duet partner is Blake Shelton, we love the idea of an imaginary Justin collab. Since then, the clip has racked up millions of views and has even been remixed by numerous DJs.

In addition to this exciting news, TMZ has reported that Post Malone has managed to feature Mason's yodeling during his upcoming Coachella set, alongside Whethan.

The kid reached Internet fame last week when a video of him performing at a Walmart in his hometown of Golconda, IL, went viral.

Earlier this month, a ten-year-old kid warmed our hearts by yodelling in the middle of a Walmart in the U.S. - and now he's gone and performed at Coachella. Check out a short clip below.

Whethan posted a snap of the two on stage at the festival, and highlighted that he himself had asked the yodelling kid to perform with him. Apparently, he delivered this to an audience that included Justin Bieber, as well as your garden variety of discerning festival-goers.

The yodeling boy from IL has traded the cold aisle of his local Walmart for the stage of Coachella 2018 where thousands watched him perform.

Mason announced his performance on Twitter Friday.