Odell Beckham in the Building for Team Workouts

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No, Pat Shurmur is not viewing the attendance of Odell Beckham Jr.at Monday's opening day of the Giants' offseason workout program as some sort of springboard to a long-term commitment or contract for the star receiver or a seminal moment in the history of the player, the franchise or the world.

Shurmur didn't reveal what he said to Beckham.

Lewis then claimed that Beckham distancing himself caused his "foundation to be disturbed".

Beckham has been the subject of plenty of news in the offseason, most notably the Giants failing to declare him as "untouchable" and reportedly listening to trade offers.

"Where there is no God, there is chaos", Lewis told Colin Cowherd during an appearance on FS1. "Odell has removed God from his ife".

"So we started to make those phones calls; we started to have conversation". I don't care about religion.

As for the trade talk affecting Beckham, Shurmur said: "I'm not anxious about it". The quarterback knows, however, that Beckham's presence might not last.

The Odell Mania was triggered two weeks ago, when co-owner John Mara, responding to the seven-second video, stated he was exhausted of having to answer questions about Beckham's behavior, adding that no player, not even Beckham, was "untouchable". The story became even more ravenous following that loss, one in which Beckham was a kind of a no-show.

"We have a lot of people reporting about it", he said of the wide receiver's off-field behavior. He put some of the blame on social media as well for making them think they're bigger than life.

"For the most part, we're trying to get things started, take advantage of the extra time we have, and we want to grow away from basically what happened a year ago, the 3-13 season", Shurmur said.

Lewis is not the only Hall of Famer and would-be mentor who has expressed disappointment with Beckham. "So I'm disgusted with the whole thing. OBJ?" He always wants a new contract and wants to play for the Giants.

"I just spoke at this church a couple of days ago - you show me your crowd, I will show you your future", Lewis said. I love Justin. But Justin ain't getting out there on that ground like that. These guys he's hanging out with- they're in studios all day. However, they can be a diversion when his feelings get the best of him on the area and when he can foolish matters off the area, including carrying a trip to Florida in the week leading up to playoff match following the 2016 routine period. It's a totally different discipline.

"I really believe that Odell is a professional and he wants to be great". I think it's important that Odell is here. I can't wait to see if OBJ stays or is traded by the NFL Draft, but until then, the saga continues...