Woman attacks 2 people after dog eats her marijuana, OH police say

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After the baby was born, she called the woman she had just met.

The accused Mallesham Goud (50) had latched the door of the room in which his two sons were sleeping and then had set his wife ablaze using petrol.

The police today recovered the burning body of a woman from a forest in Pakur district, who was suspected to have been gangraped before being killed, police said. They say the sentence should have been longer. Authorities say she was giving her customers harmful substances and putting their lives in danger. Some of the women found out that they were being tricked after being pregnant longer than usual.

The treatment was very expensive as she would charge women $33.

Some of the women reported looking pregnant for 12 to 16 months. The monthly salary in the country is less than $50.

Prosecutors say she strangled her wife to death and had two others help her cover up the crime by stabbing the victim to make it appear that the victim was robbed. According to one victim who spoke to the BBC, Camara thanked God after the sentence was read.

"She does not know that they are there but we do and that is a way for us to honor our family member", Hill states.

N'na Fanta Camara addressing after her arrest.

According to Balanagar Sub-Inspector P Ravi Kiran, on Tuesday around 9 am, workers of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation informed the police that a woman was found lying dead in a shed.

Rights activists and Camara's victims expressed their disappointment in the sentencing as they had hoped she'd get a life sentence, reports the BBC.